TheSponge231 Productions is the company behind SpongeBob in Minecraft.

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2011-2016 Edit

TheSponge231 Productions logo
TheSponge231 Productions' first logo is simply a simpler version of the new logo, minus the glow.

Nicknames: "Neon Pac-Man" "ZAP!"

Animations: A yellow streak crosses the screen and disappears, revealing the logo

Music/SFX: The theme to Pac-Man (1980).

Cheesy Factor: Just...just... look at it.

Availability: Common. Seen on SpongeBob in Minecraft episodes up to mid-Season 3.

2016-Present Edit

Bandicam 2016-03-19 11-04-33-322
On March 19, 2016, the company introduced a newer, more modern looking logo.

Nicknames: "Neon Pac-Man 2.0"

Animations: Same.

Sounds: Same.

Variations: On the trailer for The SpongeBob in Minecraft Movie, a white version of this logo is shown on a space backdrop.

Availability: Kinda rare. Can be found on current episodes of SpongeBob in Minecraft, but rare nonetheless.