Nicknames: "The Barking Dog," "WOOF WOOF!", "The Shadow Dog"

Logo: On a white background, we see a black silhouette of a dog's head (similar to a Labrador Retriever) in a circle with "SHADOW PROJECTS" in the text-wrap effect around the bottom of the circle. The dog silhouette barks twice.

Variant: Sometimes, the company's website URL text "" is seen below the logo.

FX/SFX: The animation of the dog barking.

Cheesy Factor: Pretty lousy animation for the barking.

Music/Sounds/Effects: The ending of the show's theme, with a dog barking sound effect heard during the animation of the dog barking. On Bear in the Big Blue House, the barking was deep and low-pitched like a large dog, and on The Book of Pooh, the barking is higher-pitched and sounding more like a puppy.

Music/Sounds/Effects Variants:

On some episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House, the dog makes a different sound byte instead of barking.

  • In "Share, Bear", the dog quacks like a duck.
  • In "Dirt, I Love You So!", the dog oinks like a pig.
  • In "Summer Cooler", the dog makes a "beep beep" sound like a car's horn.
  • In "Spring Fever", the dog croaks like a frog.
  • In "Lost Thing", the dog quacks like a duck once again, but this time, the quack sounds a bit different.
  • In "Listen Up!", the dog hoots like an owl.
  • In "Raiders of the Lost Cheese", the dog squalls like a pelican.
  • In "The Big Blue Housecall", the dog laughs like Doc Hogg.
  • In "Look What I Made", the dog says "Grabby Grabby" in Treelo's voice.
  • In "Love is All You Need", the dog makes kissing sounds.
  • In "It's a Mystery to Me", the dog chirps like a bird.
  • In "As Different as Day and Night", the dog says "Go Daddy!" in Treelo's voice, whereas in the Polish version, it says "Okay!"
  • In "The Way I Feel Today", the dog says "yep yep" in a child-like voice.
  • In "Scientific Bear", the dog makes a "boing boing" sound like a bunny/rabbit hopping
  • In "Call It a Day", the dog says "whoop whoop". This almost sounds like the regular barking sound byte.
  • In "Lost and Found", the dog quacks like Harry the Duck.
  • In "Morning Glory", the dog meows like a cat.
  • In "The Tutter Family Reunion", the dog says "Thank You!".
  • In "Bats are People Too", the dog says "Later!" in Tutter's voice.
  • In the TV version of "A Berry Bear Christmas Part 1", the dog says "Happy Holidays!" in Treelo's voice.

Availability: Appears on Bear in the Big Blue House and The Book of Pooh (which was re-aired on Disney Junior) which is Playhouse Disney's replacement, but they can be found on DVD and VHS.

Scare Factor: Low, depends on the barking sound which catches everyone off guard and High to nightmare for babies.